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SUJET : Time to hide the autumn

Time to hide the autumn il y a 2 ans 2 mois #137

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An old person website goes through the old world. One wants to swell - sand bag carries, but he carries nothing. It has a free hand. It is old, tired of life. His clothes no longer even drops of the former glory. Straw hat, which protects this in the sun, has a lot of holes, and its edge is jagged. Shirt the incline of diminished grass covering his lean body. Pants the color of the terrain are vast, loose, have holes by his knees and Siepi at the bottom. Sustains them upleciony the band belt. Long legs fall on the dilapidated boots, the tops removed from the soles are joined with cord, to completely do not disintegrate. Shoes keep their tired base from rock, rocks, thorns and inequalities, with which tramples on the perpetual wandering.
Time to hide the autumn. Dziad hand pulls out the authority back pocket. Winter age has appeared. Quickly all killed within the white, snow snowstorm. You can not meet the woods, houses, even pulled ahead hand disappears in a storm. An old man have on a sheepskin layer and he limit of great. Hands hides under the arms, certainly not to their supplies were freezing. He moves quickly through the winter world. Dogs barking from the distance hostile, can not go through the institution passed and have a mug of hot tea. Sam should make a fire from the snow, which is an extremely challenging job. Sometimes it follows, but typically do not drink and snow. Winter, chill with extreme. An old guy eats raw meat of hunted creature and fish found from the water. Tired of being that extended winter, emaciated, she would like to have a place with lay down in the field among the flowers. This not time yet should delay a modest longer. Period become longer. The biggest frosts are over. The sun begins to przygrzewać, the blizzard melts in the sense. People mourn in house to winter leaves, it will have to cover skis and slip in the cellar. Children call that rise closes. The eyes fell out of carbide. Carrot nose laying about the snow. One hand with the topic may go down away by any time.
Dziad pants are four poprawianie widoczności w google key pockets, two front plus a couple with the rear. His large, wrinkled hand reaches only to the front, right take and pulls it in the beam of daylight. Summer. Comes the summer. As if by secret wand subjects of wheat are golden and adult saying in the breeze. Down cornflowers bloom of orange fields. Birds race in the appearance and shout loudly. Flock of swallows reverse and beat returning to the meet. Potok cheerfully washes the banks in the territory, that from the sunshine animals graze. Heat, hot. An old man kneels and tastes water directly in the river. Harvest sheaves. Field mice working about rżysku and eat up the wheat, that fell out of the ears.

Grandfather hides summer pocket. The hand, based on a clockwise government, now goes to the back, proper next walks it out of the closet. Autumn is taking place. Days become shorter. Trees stuck on the influences of yellow, lemon with crimson. Only a few remaining green. They ripen fruit in the orchard with the population road. Grandfather nourishes it an apple, a pear, a prize. Breaks hazelnuts and walnuts, and then break them aside an old shoe. Wind precipitated leaves in the trees, then they move in the manner. This lovely scene, as most of their colors creates air disco leaves. They podrywy, as a rural one. "I wish this." "I choose another." The eternal argument and pursuit in life, even among the falling authorities. That Who will cover, who will die. The future showers and waters. That getting colder, cloudy, gray outside. Individuals also mammals zaszyły in their warm internal with studies. Bare trees tremble windswept. Freezes or grandfather. You will have to place on a cozy kaftan with a finger hat. Replace footwraps and adjustment boots with experience boots.
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